The One-Stop Platform
For Engagement, Experience & Orchestration

Augmented Analytics To Drive Agile Decision Making

Work From Anywhere - Flexibility With Security

AI Inside For Intelligent Automation

Deployment Of Your Choice - Cloud, On-prem, Or Hybrid

Collaboration Tools For Visual Engagement

Experience Without Compromise

Experience Delivery With AI Inside

Build Connected Experiences Across All Touchpoints One-stop Platform

“The intelligent experience engine built to deliver a more human centric experience. Eliminate silos, leverage on unified routing for voice, digital, and social channels for connected journey and insights across all touchpoints.”

CX And EX Accelerator

Deliver Augmented Analytics Retain Users, Ignite Growth

“Leverage on our proprietary ai capabilities to deliver augmented analytics for your employees to uncover customer insights they might not see or discover otherwise. Our ai platform also delivers data-driven 360-degree decision-making capabilities leading to elevated customer experiences. Reach out to us now and start your staged/memorable transformation journey with zuqo.”


Uncover User Trends

“Focusing on journeys rather than individual interactions is the key to engaging customers and boosting growth. Researchers at Forrester believe that journey-centric companies achieve higher revenue, reduced costs and better customer experience. Zuqo's customer journey transformation can improve advocacy by 20-40%, reduce cost-to-serve by up to 25%, and increase revenue by up to a fifth.”

Driving Effortless Customer Service

Channel-less EngagementDeliver One-Contact Resolution

“Zuqo's unified multi-channel platform helps businesses provided unlimited touchpoints for their customers with connected journeys, self-service layer and agent connect options that delivers elevated customer experiences, reducing wait times and ensuring one-contact resolution every time.”


With Contextual In-app Engagement. Increase Conversion

“Create better digital experiences without boundaries. Engage, interact, and collaborate with customers in real-time providing a transformative bridge between the anonymity of online self-service and more traditional, face-to-face interactions. superior experience without compromise.”

  • Companies worldwide look to ZUQO for scalable, durable growth through product-led, customer-led, marketing-led, sales-led and community-led strategies