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The Best Co-browsing Solution With No Code Deployment. Masking Feature Without Any Code Deployment For Any Third Party Websites.


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Visual Guidance For OCR

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Retain And Grow

Your Customers At Scale

As per Forrester report, “brands with superior customer experience bring in 5.7 times more revenue than competitors that lag in customer experience.” Collaboration tools enable the experience on every single contact through any touchpoint and ensures first contact resolution.

customer success scorecards

Align Your Business Around A Single View Of The Customer

  • Provide a centralized, holistic view of your customer, their journey, and desired outcomes to every team
  • Monitor customer health with the most accurate and comprehensive health scoring framework to spot risk and opportunity sooner
  • Uncover actionable insights and trends from your customer data with powerful, easy-to-use analytics

Supercharge Team Productivity And Scale Your CS Strategy

  • Empower CSMs to work more efficiently with all of their most important insights and action items for their portfolio in a single, personalized view
  • Trigger the right actions at the right time with proactive alerts and prescriptive, step-by-step playbooks
  • Power your digital-led strategy and deliver personalized engagement at scale with automated journey orchestration
  • Take productivity to the next level with integrations to the tools your team uses every day, such as Zoom, Gong, Gmail and Outlook
Success Plans
customer success timeline

Simplify Collaboration Around Your Customers' Success

  • Enable better hand-offs for customer-facing teams and save time with centralized note-taking and touchpoint tracking
  • Capture customer goals, develop an action plan to achieve them, and collaborate directly with customers on their progress
  • Coordinate the right actions across multiple teams and drive consistency in key workflows with prescriptive playbooks

Deliver The Outcomes Your
Customers Desire

Customer 360

Enable Your Team With A Single Source Of Truth For Essential Information About Every Customer


Create A Robust Framework To Capture Every Dimension Of Your Customer Health


Scale Your Team’s Actions With Proactive Alerts And Proven Workflows And Templates


Align And Drive Next Steps With A Chronological, Easy-to-update View Of Every Customer Interaction

Success Planning

Help Your Team Guide Customers To Desired Outcomes And Easily Share Updates

Horizon Analytics

Explore Trends And Share Critical Insight With Industry-leading Reporting And Dashboards

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