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  • Building Solutions To Deliver Memorable Customer Service
  • Zuqo is a global communication as service provider building and delivering solutions for tomorrow that is SMARTER & VISUALLY ENGAGING than yesterday. Zuqo's mission is to deliver a one-stop employee experience & customer experience, customer engagement and orchestration platform that is VISUAL, INNOVATIVE, AGILE, and FUTURE READY.

Zuqo Drives Customer Success For Organizations Of All Sizes With These Solutions

    • Zuqo Customer Success Platform

    • Zuqo's complete visual engagement suite keeps your customers captivated across mobile, email, web, in-app and other platforms with the right message at the right time. a single platform to reach your users everywhere to deliver a seamless brand experience.

    • Zuqo Augmented Analytics

    • Leverage on our proprietary ai capabilities to deliver augmented analytics for your employees to uncover customer insights they might not see or discover otherwise. Our AI platform also delivers data-driven 360-degree decision-making capabilities leading to elevated customer experiences.

    • Zuqo Collaboration Tools

    • As per Forrester report, brands with superior customer experience bring in 5.7 times more revenue than competitors that lag in customer experience.” Collaboration tools enable the experience on every single contact through any touchpoint and ensures first contact resolution.

    • Zuqo Campaign Management

    • Easily build & deliver personalized campaigns based on user behavior, location, & preferences. Create sophisticated campaigns across channels including push, in-app, email, and SMS. Our precise predictive models result in timely engagement opportunities based on user’s exact needs.


        • Be BOLD.

          Solve BIG customer problems. Think beyond what is accepted as possible.

        • Be PASSIONATE.

          We believe in a tireless pursuit of balancing success for our customers, teammates, families, investors, and community.

        • Be DECISIVE.

          Choose what we will and will not do. Always be direct and respectful.

        • Win TOGETHER.

          Deliver expectational results so others can count on you. Measure and act on what matters most.

        • Deliver AWESOME.

          Delight our customers and partners with experiences they love the most. Never stop short of WOW!